Q: Who are you guys? What do you do?
A: We're Dan Jaffe and Menachem Pritzker. Our company instantaneously connects small businesses with the leads they're already buying from a lead generation company.

Q: Why should I pay somebody to connect me with a lead I'm already paying for? Why can't I just call the lead when I see it in my email or in a text message?
A: We're really fast. It's all automatic, and our calls frequently come in even before your email hits your phone with the lead.

Q: How much time are you saving me, exactly?
A: Obviously, it will vary lead to lead, but we're connecting most of our clients about 30-60 seconds before they get the email to their phone. If you think about it, that's also 30-60 seconds before their competitors get the exact same leads. Remember, when leads are shared, as they are for most of the big home improvement companies, the first guy on the phone with the customer usually has a huge advantage.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It costs $89 per month. If you want to try us out for a month, it's $39. If you're not happy, cancel before your thirty days are up, and if you're REALLY unhappy, we'll even give you back your $39 bucks.

Q: I'm not so sure about this- I'm pretty fast on the phone when a lead comes in.
A: We're faster. More specifically, when we're helping you, YOU'RE faster.

Q: OK, I'll give it a shot. where do I sign up?
A: Right here.